Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Ok, so first off to all my followers, and anyone who checks out my page. I am truly sorry for not having posted anything in sooo long. I actually have done a few manis since my last post, but I have been to busy to post it. So I figure here is a good one.

One or more of the groups that I an in on fb, are doing a  4th of July challenge, I am not, but I decided after seeing a number of the other posts, that I would like to do one. I also figured since I was going to be out all day with the fam doing 4th type things this would be nice.

First of when choosing what to do, I didn't want to do something that was over the top. I wanted something that was subtle, and elegant. So I hope you like my little tribute to the nation of my birth!

Colors used:
Base Color: "Superstar!" by Pure Ice
Stripes Stamp Color: "Crawford's Wine" by Orly
Stars Stamp Color: "Saved by the Blue" by Wet n Wild (fastdry)
Stripes Image Plate: "Mash-40" by Mash Nails
Stars Image Plate: "CH24" by Cheeky