Sunday, January 31, 2016

Holy Crap!!!

So, I just realized that it has been 2 1/2 years since I last posted... What the Hell? Well, I will tell you what has happened, and maybe you can forgive me.

So later in the year that I last posted (2013) we had my sister's wedding, and just under a year after I last posted, I added another tiny to my horde, another girl, and that means more nails to paint, yeay! (I will say she is now just about 20 months, and any time she sees nail polish or a nail file she touches her nails and says nail... She also has tried to file and clip her own nails, and has even opened a nail polish and tried painting her own nails... So proud, and yet very scared. I may end up having to change the name of this blog to "Just a girl, her 2 girls, and their polish". lol) So between being super sick before hand (morning sickness the whole time), and then busy as Hell with 3 tinys, and still working (plus I just can't get motivated to paint my nails when they are super short... Which they have been... Garr...), I really have not had time to do my nails. Well that is changing! I actually have at least 2 recent manis that I am about to post. WooHoo!

I have also started taking better care of my nails (and even started teaching the oldest tiny (my first girl, who's nails were pictured at the age of 4, in August of 2012, in my "Yellow" challenge, and who is now almost 8... Wha???) to oil her cuticles and nails every night), and hopefully I can grow mine out, and keep them long and healthy, so there should be more posts again, and heck I may even join in some challenges again! 

Also super excited to have just discovered that "blogger", the website I use for my blog has an app! This makes it easier to write posts as I can start and save them on my phone... (Say while I am waiting to pick up tinys at school) and then finish them with the pictures at home.

My goal this year... After having looked back at my old manis, and seeing how horrible most of them are, I have invested in some new tools to help do better manis, and am striving to put out manis people actually want to see. I also plan to buy a better light bulb, so that my pictures will be better, and I can take them inside instead of using my car as a backdrop and the sun as a light. I hope to sort of put the past behind me, and start over as a good, new, and fresh nail blogger. There are a few of my old manis that I am proud of, and I may do a post soon as a look back at my proudest moment from before, and bring them back to life, then just forget the rest. 

So if you liked what I put out before, or at least stayed with me thank you, but let's get better!

Any who, there is so much more I could say, but we don't need to spend more time listening to my ranting, so just wait for my next two, maybe three posts!