Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Here We Come!

So today starts the season... well A Season, and that would be the season of HALLOWEEN! Now I can't wait till THE season, Woo Hoo, but that will be later...

So during the month of October, I will be endeavoring to complete a number of different challenges. I will be continuing with the ABC's that I am doing, but now will be adding three others (one of which starts Saturday, so I will tell about that one later when it starts).

So the two new ones (I think it is only two, will update if I find others) that I will be doing are both Halloween themed... Luckily both are only a few days, not everyday like the 31 Day Challenge (which would just be too much) so I should be able to pull off all of my challenges (so excited).

The first one that I will tell you about, actually has set days and the first of which will be today (that post to come). This challenge is being presented by the group Crumpet's Nail Tarts, and will be their 2012 Halloween Challenge, below you will find the challenge.

The second one is an event created by SassyNails, a fellow nail polisher. This one is the Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge. The difference with this challenge, is you are given 10 different challenge days, but you can do them when ever you can, as long as you get them all done by the end of the month. Meaning no set day... Find this challenge below.

So one thing that is nice, is that since the Nail-Aween challenge does not have set days, if by chance I do a mani that is the same on my other challenge, it will work for this one too, so it may be easier then I thought.

Well, that concludes my announcement of my Halloween challenges (I like to tell you about a challenge before I start it, as you may have noticed before). So I hope you are ready for a lot of Halloween inspired manis (but there will be others to break up the over load), so join me for the season of Halloween through my manis!!!

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