Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Glitter Gradient

I am super excited about this post, as I absolutely LOVE this mani! It may be simple but I still LOVE IT!

I have been really unhappy lately that my nails have been having such a hard time staying long, so a week ago (Tuesday) I decided to use my gel polish, in the hopes that it would stay for a week or so. I decided to do it at home, since I had neither the money, not the time to get them done professionally, and I had the stuff at home to do it. I will say I also think it's a good thing, as my nails probably didn't get filed as much, so it was also better for my nails. 

Then that weekend, I had a birthday party to go to for my grandfather who was going to be 95! (Go grandpa!) so on Friday, while I was baking 4 lbs of bacon and 60 sausage patties for the brunch party (go figure the pescetarian is the one to do all the meat) I figured I would fill in the boring time in between each of the 6 or so batches, by updating my nails.

So recently I found this blogger named Cristine, of "Simply Nailogical" on YouTube (you can find links to her YouTube channel, blog, and Facebook at the bottom of this post, if you want to check her out. I do know she also uses some others programs,  but I haven't followed her on those, as I don't use them) and have been watching all of her videos... (I will say some of her language isn't that great, which doesn't bother me, but I want to forwarn you, also it just means I can't watch her around the kids, oh well, but I love her stuff, and actually love her sarcastic attitude). Anyways, she does a lot with glitter, and gradients,  and taught me how to properly apply glitter for best, and most saturated glitter application. I have always liked gradients, but was not very good at them (as you can see in my other gradient post) and wanted to try again. 

Usually I shy away from glitter because of how hard it is to get off your nails (some other things Cristine has taught me is about peel off basecoats, and latex barriers to easly peel off the mess you get around nails after doing a gradient, or if you are just messy like me, now I will no longer be afraid of any of it!), but figured since I would be putting this glitter over a gel polish (which is already a pain in the arse to get off) I wouldn't worry about it.

Cristine has also sparked me to finally take better care of my nails, so hopefully I will have better nails to paint! *crosses fingers* Here is to no more peeling and breaking nails!

And finally, here are a couple of pictures of the mani. I will say that the pictures SOO do not do this mani any justice. You can see what I did, but it looks so much better in real life. Also as I figure this mani will not last till Valentines Day (which it would be great for), I may end up redoing it but without the gel polish just for the holiday. As I said, I Love how this turned out, and will so be doing other similar manis, sparklies make everything better!  

P.S... The day after writing this, the mani stared peeling off, so I had to take it off. I also had a nail chip, so I had to file them all down a little... Only good thing about that, is that now all of them are the same length.

Colors used:
Base Color: "Pink Champagne" by SENSATIONAIL (color gel polish)
Glitter Color: "Sparked" by Wet n Wild (wild shine)

Cristine of "Simply Nailogical"

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