Monday, February 1, 2016


Ok, so as you all are still just getting to know me, you wouldn't know yet that I LOVE snowflakes (but now you do, and you can see another snowflake mani in my inspired by a movie post... Just ignore the really bad first set of nail pics on that post).

Anyway, I had a holiday party to go to in the very begining of January, and wanted to do my nails (finally). I decided that, even though it was a Christmas party, since it was after Christmas, I didn't want to do a mani that was specifically Christmas. As it was still winter though, and I love snowflakes, I figured that snowflakes would be a great idea (plus I found some online pictures that I fell in love with). So below is the mani I ended up with.

I will apologize that the picture is from a day or two later, so the polish is chipped, and that there is only one picture... also for the horrible position of my hand (working on that stuff)... Oh well... At least you still get to see it!

Colors used:
Base Color: "Romanticism Ruby" by Finger Paints
Stamp Color: "French White Crème" by Wet n Wild (wild shine)
Image Plate: "BM-323" by Bundle Monster

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