Friday, February 5, 2016

Waiting For Nail Mail...

Well, isn't that something that we all hate... We have finally ordered some nail mail, and now what do we have to do? WAIT! Gar...

So a good friend gave me amazon gift cards for Christmas, so of course, I find nail items I want to buy...

I start off by puting them into a wish list to save them, as I was not yet ready to order, then when I go back a few days later, what should happen? One of the items I wanted the most is no longer available. So I wait a day or two, to see if there will be more... Finally I give up, and just order the other items from amazon. Then I go to the actual company's website and order that last item... Luckily I get free shipping, so that is a plus, and it was only $10... But then "Murphy's Law" kicks in, and I go back on amazon, looking at other items, and that last item is back on amazon... AHHH... Really?

Well anyways, now my items are ordered, and now I must wait. The thing that sucks is that at least one of my items isn't supposed to get her till March... MARCH??? Why so long? Why must you make me suffer so???

Please let the nail Gods be with me, and allow my stuff to all come quickly.

... Aparently the nail Gods are not with me, as I started this post last night, and this morning I can an email from the company I ordered the other item from, and apparently it is on back order, so they can't ship it out until at least the end of February... Oh well, here is to waiting!

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