Monday, May 8, 2017


I have officially done my first skittlette nail design! Woo Hoo!!!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been wearing gel polish a lot lately in order to grow out some breaks. Well with that, I have on this gorgeous pink color right now (same as in the last blog photo) and I felt like changing it up a bit. So without having to remove the gel, what do I do? Paint over it! And to tell you the truth I LOVE how it turned out!

Two colors that I think go really well together, are pink and gold. They make an elegant and soft combination. I wanted to do a skittlette, and I decided to use the ABCAB pattern, so I had to think of what to do as my accent nail, and well the pink and gold still screamed spring to me, so why not some flowers??? I didn't want them to stand out to much, but blend in with the other fingers to keep with the elegant look, so just a simple white stamp seemed to work.

I haven't really done a skittlette design yet, not because I don't love how they look, I do, but more because I have a hard time figuring out three things that are different, but yet still go together. Mixing patterns is something that is hard for me, for instance, at I am writing this my middle tiny is having picture day, and he was wearing a subtle plaid shirt, but wanted the camo background... I let him do it, but it was hard for me to accept.

So this skittlette was easy for me to envision, because I used two colors that worked well together, and only one pattern. Now don't get me wrong, I love almost every skittlette that I see others do, I just have a hard time conceptualizing how things will go together. I think I need to either buy, or make one of those mani idea books, so that I can try and work things like this out first, and then apply them to my nails. I feel that I do a lot of starting over, or removing polish from a nail, because the idea is not fully planed out, and is more of a whim... we will see. 

I will say, this picture doesn't look as loose as I would have liked, and have started making them, but the corner of the thumb nail that you would have seen... well the gold was rubbing off, since I took the picture after a day or two of wearing them. So I just covered that up with my finger... hahaha, problem solved! I think this turned out well, and may do something similar in the future, but for now, on to something different!

Colors used:
Base Gel: "Foundation" by Gelish
Base Color Gel: "Pink Chiffon" by Sensational
Top Color Gel: "Pink Champagne" by Sensational
Top Gel: "Top It Off" by Gelish
Gold Color: "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" by O.P.I.
Stamp Color: "French Tip" by Color Club
Stamp Plate: "BP-108" by Born Pretty

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