Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Is Here!!!

SPRING IS HERE!!! So it is time for flowers and colors, be them bright, or pastel!

The below mani is one that I had actually done for Easter (it's only a little late), and it just so happened to match my shoes. But they also had a tiny purple flower on them, and that reminded me of the tiny purple Violets that I have growing all over my yard. Sadly I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the violets before they were mowed over, and you can barely see the purple smudges in the background of my picture. But the nails still screamed SPRING!

I have been doing a lot of gel polish lately as I am trying to grow out a break (or more), and all of the peeling sections of my nails, and honestly this is the best and easiest way I have found. It gives me the strength in those spots, as well as holds the peeling spots together. I do still use nail and cuticle oil on my cuticles (I find it harder to remember to do it regularly when I have polish on, but I try). I will also do other manicures over the gel, with a peel off base coat, as well as using non acetone polish remover.

I guess I don't have too much to say about this manicure, just that this picture has become my new favorite mani picture! I love the way it came out, and honestly I love the simple design. I did change it up (I mean with a base color that is gel, you have to get creative with different ways to use the color, or just pain cover them completely) and did another pink mani, that will be in my next post.


 I think I am onto a baby pink kick right now, so I may be doing many more. To tell you the truth, at this point I don't have many gel polish colors (they are kind of expensive compared to a regular bottle of polish). But I love how I can do a gel manicure at home (which lasts about a week as I don't buff my nails before application) for a fraction of the cost of getting them done in a salon. I am probably going to go and buy another color or two soon (hopefully Sally's Beauty is having one of their sales) so that I can keep up with the gel for a while, and still be able to change it up a bit.

So I have heard that you are not supposed to mix the different brands of gel polish, but I have to admit that with this mani, the base and top gels are a different brand as the colors, but they seemed to work just fine, and actually I think they work better than when I use just the colors that go with my base and top gel coats. With the two gel colors, I used one coat of each color, for a total of two coats of color. I like how they are light, and subtle.

Colors used:
Base Gel: "Foundation" by Gelish
Base Color Gel: "Pink Chiffon" by Sensational
Top Color Gel: "Pink Champagne" by Sensational
Top Gel: "Top It Off" by Gelish
Flowers: These were stickers, out of a pack found at the drugstore, sorry but I don't remember which brand.

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