Thursday, September 27, 2012

ABC's Week 3 - 'C'

So once again I need to apologize for not getting this out on the correct day. I had to work yesterday (which I don't normally have to) and didn't get home till 6. After feeding the wee ones, and getting them to bed, I had to crash myself.

Today is going to be the letter C, I decided to try something that I had seen before (also tried to use the color that I already had on my nails). I also wanted to utilize my new dotting tools (you would have known about them, but I never got my nail mail post done... would it be to late to post it?).

So I decided to do CIRCLES for my C mani. Unfortunately it didn't come out as good as I wanted because the lighter color was the one that was already on my nails, when it should have been the darker color (I will re-try it at some point, the correct way)... so you could decide for my C mani to be CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOT, DOT... as it looks more like polka dots...

Anyways with out further ado, here is my C mani!

Colors used:
Base & Light Dot Color: "Dulce De Leche" by OPI
Dark Dot Color: "Nirvana" by Sinful Colors

1 comment:

  1. Super cute. And no need to fret about not getting it out on wednesday! There will be people who won't get it out until next Tuesday :-P I like these colors