Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Been Over A Week... Time For A Mani!

Ok, so sad to say that it has been just over a week since my last mani.

I have to admit that when I reached my last day of the 31 day challenge I just finished, it was kind of nice to not have to do my nails for a few days. I had a nice mani for the last day, so I chose to enjoy it. Well that lead to me just not bothering as I was spending all last week heavily cleaning my house. So this past weekend I went to my in-laws house, and decided it was time to do a new mani.

Later this week I will be starting a new challenge, and come October another. Both of these are once a week so that is only two mani's a week I have to do (sounds a lot more reasonable than doing one every day). I am excited to start these new challenges, and very happy that they will not be as intense as this last one. I will go into more details to each challenge on the first day of each one.

Anyways, here is the result of this ever so long awaited next mani, now time to think of a new one. There is a thin light blue sparkly base, that you can't really tell is there in the pictures, but it is pretty. Enjoy!

Colors used:
Background: "Cinderella" by Sinful Colors
Stamp Color: "White On" by Sally Hansen (xtreme wear)
Image Plate: "BM-312" by Bundle Monster

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