Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 - 31 Day Challenge (PaA)

My first daily Challenge!!!

I am really excited, I did my first polish last night (and plan on doing them the night before so that I have the polish on the whole day  instead of feeling like I am a day behind. Also I will be posting another post after this with my first art.).

My Goals:
- First I hope that I am able to do every day, and not run behind (this is where the challenge comes in, and I am so ready to try it).
- Second hope that through out this challenge, I will be able to put up a picture in a post each day.
- Third I hope that I am actually able to come up with some creatively individual designs. (This is something I am worried about, even though I have gone through a number of art classes, and my mom was an art teacher, I don't know if I will be creative.)

So travel with me on this journey through a month of polishes and many different styles of painting my nails. Below you will find the schedule, join me f you wish! ... Let's get started... and GO!

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