Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 29 - Inspired By The Supernatural

For the supernatural challenge, I pulled some inspiration from my 4 year old daughter. She used to love (and still kind of does) Tinker Bell, so I think Fairies!

Luckily I just got some new stamping image plates, and they had some grass, and fairies, so I think, Woo Hoo! So here is what I came up with... unfortunately when I put on the top coat, it made the fairies (the whole point of this challenge) basically disappear... I have never had this happen before and am very confused and upset by this... oh well, other than that, and the fact I need some better stamping greens, I am happy with this mani. Enjoy!

Colors used:
Background: "French White Creme" by Wet n Wild (wild shine)
Grass Stamp Color: "Exotic Green" by Sinful Colors
Red Flowers Stamp Color: "Crawford's Wine" by Orly
Blue Flowers Stamp Color: "Midnight Blue" by Sinful Colors
Purple Fairies Stamp Color: "Let's Talk" by Sinful Colors
Image Plate (grass): "RA-105" by Red Angel
Image Plate (small flowers): "BM-311" by Bundle Monster
Image Plate (large flowers): "BM 06" by Bundle Monster
Image Plate (fairies): "RA-112" by Red Angel

1 comment:

  1. Super cute. I love how she is frolicking in the grass :)