Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 16 - Tribal Print

Well we are now half way through the 31 day challenge, and I am very proud of myself for making it this far with doing a post every day.

So for today we have Tribal Print... and I will say I am not feeling it. I don't know if it is that it isn't really my thing, or that I suck at drawing because I don't have good brushes for nail art. To make it worse, I couldn't find my black striper (it will be so nice once I have my new nail polish rack up, since I am out of room on my others and so polishes are everywhere.).

So below are my Tribal Print nails, and am honest when I say they suck, and I don't like them (I think they look better in the picture than in real life), so look if you dare!

Colors used:
Blue Background: "Lavender" by Sinful Colors
Green Background: "286" by Sally Girl
Design: "Black" Acrylic Paint

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