Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Start The Stamping!

So as I have already stated, I love polish. Well I was not that good at doing designs, and like a lot of people have seen those infomercials on tv for the stamping set. I have seen them a number of places but hadn't brought my self to buy it yet. Well one day at Sally's I finnaly broke down and bought it.

After buying that, and trying it out, I started doing a lot of reasurch on them and found some blogs and Facebook groups. Here I was introduced to some awsome pictures, ideas, and some places to buy more stamping plates. I heard that Bundle Monster was a favorite, and at that point they were going to be bringing out their new set in like a week or do.

Well I wated, and in the release date I had a little extra money and bought all three Bundle Monster stamping plate sets. Woo Hoo!

Obviously after receiving that awsome delivery of nail mail, I couldn't wait to get started on practicing! So I practiced, and finally about  two weeks ago finnaly posted my first stamp challenge. I had done others but didn't like the way they looked. So below find my first entry of a challenge!

This picture was taken after cutting my nails down, but before the nubs!

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