Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 - Orange

Today we have ORANGE!

I have to admit I have kind of always liked the color orange. To me it has always been bold, unique, and different, which always seemed to fit my personality.

I think I may have stated this already (but can't quite remember) that my biggest concern for this 31day challenge is going to be coming up with new and creative designs. Sometimes I really like the simple designs, which is what I have chosen to do today. Yesterday I did stamping, and sure you can come up with awsome designs (and don't get me wrong, I love stamping and will do it more even in this challenge) but for me trying to come up with designs without stamps is going to be challenging.
So here is today's picture... If you ask me (and I am trying not to be bias) I think this one turned out really nice, it is simple, and I tried to bring out the color orange as that is today's challenge. For the single color challenges, I want to highlight the color as best as I can.

Had to add this one (as I wasn't thinking about the color of the day when I got my youngest dressed). My son was wearing an orange shirt that happened to be the same color as my nails...

One bummer with photos is that you don 't get the sparkle factor... oh well...

Colors used:
Bacground: "Orange" by Wet n Wild (Fantasy makers)
Silver Tip and Dot: "Silver Glitter Striper" by So Easy

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