Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Rack!

Ok, I will apologize for the title of this post but I just couldn't help it...

Back in... I don't even know when, I was on Pintrest, and saw this idea of using an old spice rack for nail polishes. I thought it was so cute! Well I just happened to have a small spice rack that was just sitting there, and thought this would be a great way for me to get more storage, and use up the rack. Since then I have headed over to Goodwill and bought two more (that didn't really match) because I kept running out of room. 

So just recently I looked at the mess of my polishes, and said that's it! I just couldn't stand the disorganization, and lack of space anymore. Here are some pictures of before, and a lot of bottles are in a bag because of lack of space.

So, where can I buy or how can I build one for cheap? I started doing some research but all the ones I found to buy were expensive, so I started to look u how to build one cheap and found a number of videos showing how to build a rack using these display foam boards. Love the idea, but just felt that they were not that strong (or at least not to where I am comfortable), and being OCD about evenness, I just couldn't see it being even and strait enough not to make me go nuts. So why not build a wooden one? I already have wood tacks, and you can get small wood strips for pretty cheap. So that is what I did, over to Lowes I went and bought my supplies.

I start building and would have been done so much faster if the wee ones (especially the youngest) didn't keep trying to help. That being said, after the second time building it because of said help it was done.

I am so happy with it, and very proud since I built it! After a few days the hubs stopped in front of it and started to shake his head, and I was like "What?" and he said "I have to admit its a nice shelf." SCORE!

So I hope you like it as much as I (and the hubs) do! The first picture is from when it was done but not hung up yet, just to get it out of the way, and see how it looked.

This one is once it was hung and stocked.

I am so happy to finally have one place to put all of my polishes, that gives me room to grow. Hopefully now I will not have lost polishes again. Another thing I like about this is that I made a space for my tiny bottles, and my stripers at the bottom.

I have noticed that a few of the heavy shelves are bowing, but I am actually not that worried, if I choose to build another, or have to, I will use thicker wood, or add some support pieces, but I am not really that worried about it.

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