Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 6 - Violet

For today's challenge, I had a hard time coming up with an idea for my mani. Purple, as you can tell from my blog, is probably my favorite color. I love the really royal purple, that deep color. But how to show it?

Since today's color is violet, the first thing I did was pull out all my purple polishes, and then did a google search for violet, and tried to see which one matched the closest. None of them really worked for me as a color match, so I would just use them the best they would go together.

First ideas was to do some stamping with a light and dark purple to really do a contrasting color mani, but unfortunately that did not work well. (I so need to get some actual stamping polishes)

Then I went back to the google search I had done, and noticed this awesome lined picture:

And I thought this would be really cool to do as a mani, so now the question is how to make the lines (didn't want to have to try and do it with a toothpick, as that would take forever, and would not be very strait. So I had seen these tutorials for a denim look, that was done with a toothbrush, but I was afraid that with so many bristles it wouldn't have the affect that I wanted. So next I was thinking a paint brush (a fan brush would have worked great, but I do not have one yet... I swear I will be ordering my nail mail soon!) so I found a paint brush (like you use for art, not painting a wall) that looked like it had been stored wrong, and the bristles were all bent up, so they were at an angle, and kind of sparse. Well it seemed to work, I am very happy with how it came out, the problem was getting it to photograph correctly. First the ones I took outside (which is what I have been trying to do lately) was turning out bluer then the ones inside. So here is what I came up with, the two bottom ones are the ones inside, and I think the last is the best to really show the color. Hope you like this mani as much as I do (as I am sooo doing this again, really loved this one)!

Color used: "Let's Talk" by Sinful Colors

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