Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Poor Nails!!!

My poor nails!!!

So as you know lately I have been trying to fix my peeling nail problem. Well I wanted to give a little update. So one it is really, really hard to remember to follow all the things to fix them. I was doing really well in the beginning, but as time has gone by it has become harder and harder to keep up with the regamin. Well I guess if you start this when you are younger, or can actually do it consecutively for a month then you would be able to keep it going.

In the beginning I did notice a different feeling on my nails, hard to explain but they felt nice. Anyways something else that they say you should do if your  nails are peeling is to cut them down to below the part that is peeling, that being said, I cut my nails down to nubs, and after a week the peeling seemed to be worse than before... Grrr...

So I think that if you can truly get into the habbit of this regamin, then it probably will work, and you can fix the problem. For me though I hate painting my nails when there is nothing there, I just have no drive to do so, and since I started a nail art challenge, and couldn't stand my nails being so short I did something I really detest on myself (because it really isn't that good for your nails) and got tips. Now to tell you the truth I was so done with my nails looking like crap, and am so happy to now have nails that I can paint and be happy with the way they look.

So here are some pictures of my nails after I cut them, but before I got the tips. I forgot to mention that over the weekend I also gouged out a bunch of one of my thumb nails on a sidewalk... Don't ask! Anyways here are the pictures.

Unfortunatly the picture of the nail that had the big gouge taken out of it, did not come out so I was not able to post that one.

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